Mozaik Parent Portal


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 MOZAïK  portal (


Parents will now have one place where they can access information about their child(ren), such as report cards, absences, and messages from the school. The Mozaik Portail, is easily accessible on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets!

You may download the instructions on how to access the portal and create your account

Procedure to access the new MOZAIK parent portal


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On September 6, new measures came into effect to enhance security and protect the privacy of school information in the Mozaïk-Portal for parents and Mozaïk-Registration systems. When you log in, you will be asked to confirm the identity of the child(ren) associated with your account in order to authorize access. You must therefore be prepared to answer a few questions: New security measures for Mozaïk


  1. the name of the school board – CS Eastern Townships

    15-Pick School Board


  1. Your child’s first and last names: Be sure to enter your child’s complete first and last name as it appears on his or her school records. Do not used nicknames or shortened versions.

  1. Your child’s student number or permanent code: You can find this information on official school documents such as a previous report card, timetable, student ID card, school board issued electronic device. The student number is composed of 7 digits and the permanent code has 12 characters (the first 3 letters of the child’s last name and the first letter of the first name, followed by 8 numbers).

    Adding your child to Mozaik

You will have to answer these questions just once for each child associated with your account.

If other people have access to your child’s record using a different email address, they will also have to confirm the identity of each child associated with their account.