School and Centre Administrator’s Week”
Semaine des directions d’établissement scolaire”
October 19-23, 2020

In their position as a School and Centre administrator, they play a pivotal role in the success of all our students. As a pedagogical leader working with teachers, professionals, support staff and senior management, they guide and oversee the educational activities in our schools and centres that support our students. Their contribution this year has gone above and beyond in the preparation of our schools and centres for the return to school under the pandemic. All this does not go unnoticed and their impact on the school community, as a whole, should not be underestimated.

On behalf of the Council of Commissioners and Head Office Administrators of the Eastern Townships School Board, we would like to take advantage of the Semaine des directions d’établissement scolaire to recognize the valuable contribution of all our school and centre administrators, as well as say thank you for their hard work, long hours, and dedication.
Thank you!

The Eastern Townships School Board is joining the regional movement to take up the 28-day Challenge to Break the COVID Wave! We are asking students, parents, staff and our communities to join us and rally against COVID-19 for the next 28 days.

Three-dimensional rendering of road sign Election 2020 on the blue sky represents Presidential Election in USA, 3D illustration

Results from the nomination period are available on the school elections section of our website. 

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For information on this year's back to school preparations, visit our COVID-19 - Back to School section.