Policies & By-Laws


The following is a list of the school board by-laws. Click on the title to view the by-law.


B001 – Date, Time, and Location of Meetings of the Council of Commissioners

B002 – Delegation of powers to the Executive Committee


B003 – Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for the Commissioners of the ETSB


B004 -Date ,Time, and  location of Executive meetings

B005 - Delegation of power of suspension


B006 - Delegation to the Director General


B007 - Time of Executive Meetings


B008 - Schedule of Executive Meetings


B009 - Schedule of Meetings of the Council of Commissioners


B010 - Date, Time and place of Council of Commissioner Meetings


B011 - Date, Time and Place Executive Committee Meetings

B012 - Meetings of the Council of Commissioners

B013 - Code of Ethics and professional conduct for Commissioners

B014 - Procedure for the examination of complaints

B015 - Meetings of the Executive Committee

B016 - Meetings of the Council of Commissioners


The following is a list of the school board policies. Click on the title to view the policy.


P001 – Question Period – Participation of the public at School Board Meetings

P002 – Conservation: Archiving of Student Records Adult Education Centre

P003 – Conservation: Archiving of Student Records Primary, Elementary, and Secondary Schools

P004 – Conservation: Archiving of Student Records Vocational Education Centre

P005 – Transportation 

P006 – Policy Concerning the Continued Operation or Closure of Schools and Changes to the Instructional services they Provide

P009 – Substance Abuse Statement and Procedure

P10 Reimbursement Policy

P011 – Policy & Procedures Governing the Organization of Educational Services for Students with Special Needs – Youth Sector

P012 – Promotion Policy for School and Centre Administrators for the Eastern Townships School Board

P013 – Purchasing Policy

P014 -  Employment Practices

P015 – Rental Policy

P016 – Student Evaluation and Student Placement Policy

P017 Distribution of Medication

P018 – No-Smoking Policy, A positive Response to a Negative Issue

P019-1 Procedure on the use of School and Centre Bank Account – Rev. Procedure

P020 – Communications Policy

P020-1 – Procedure for the Development of Board Policies

P021-1 – Procedure on Signing Authority in Schools, Centres and Central Office Departments

P022- Policy on Granting of Leaves Without Pay and Sabbatical Leaves of Absence on Deferred Salary

P023-1 – Reconsideration of a Decision (Appeal)

P023-2 – Reconsideration of a Decision form

P024 – Policy on Telecommunications, Network and Computer Resource Usage 

P025-1 – Guideline Noon-Hour Supervision Elementary

P025-2 – Guideline Noon-Hour Supervision Secondary

P026-1 -Annexes Field Trips & Athletic Events

P026-1  -Guidelines Field Trips & Athletic Events

P027-1 Procedure for Fundraising Activities

P027-1 – Procedure for Fundraising – Annex A

P028 – Dignity in the Workplace

P029 – Policy on Good Health for our Students

P030-1 Procedure for Commissioners’ Professional Development Funds 

P031-1 Guidelines for the Management of In-School Daycares

P032 – Procedure for Selling School Board Assets

P033 – Procedure for Cash Management and Security in Schools & Centres

P034 – Financial Contributions from Parents or Students

P035 – Safe School Policy

P036 – Policy on Multicultural, Multiracial Education 

P037 – Linguistic Policy


P038 – Policy on Indoor Air Quality in Schools


P039_Policy for Health and Safety on School Board Premises