Human Resources

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 Substitution / Replacement positions

In order to optimize the process of filling the replacement needs within our schools and centres, we are now working with Scolago. As of August 25th 2022, the substitution needs will be processed automatically through Scolago.

By creating your profile, you will be placing yourself in our bank of substitute teachers. Please see the link below.

Please be sure when creating your account in Scolago, in order to process the substitution file, that you fill out and attach the three documents below. As well, please scan anD attach a copy of a void cheque.


Caroline Dufresne – Director of Human Resources

Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55045

ETSB RET 2023_0024 (1)

Julie Edwards – Assistant Director of Human Resources

Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55045

Human Resources

Hélène Lord – Executive Secretary
Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55045

Nancy Humphrey – Administrative Technician
Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55042


Melanie St-Pierre, Administrative Technician -                  Salary insurance 
Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55043


Kathy MacDonald – Administrative Technician
Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55044

Annie Thériault – Personnel Management Consultant
Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55063



Melodee Brier, Administrative Technician – Payroll / Health Insurance
Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55062

Valerie MacDonald , Office Agent Principal Class -
Payroll and Absences
Tel: (819) 868-3100, ext. 55064

Collective Agreements (2015-2020 agreements are only available in French at this time) – Employee Handbooks

Comité patronal de négociation pour les commissions scolaires anglophones (CPNCA)