Overview of the School Board

The School Board

The Eastern Townships covers a geographic area approximately the size of Belgium located in the southeastern part of the province of Quebec. Within its territory, there are eight municipal regional counties (MRCs), 20 elementary schools, three high schools, adult education services and two vocational training centres. Depending on the location of each school, the student population varies in number and language spoken at home, ranging from 20 students in the smallest of our elementary schools to about 900 students in our largest secondary school. Although English is the mother tongue of the majority of students, the large number of students with French as their mother tongue confirms the bilingual character of the School Board and the region in general. Some of our elementary schools have been designated as schools that can benefit from new approaches, new solutions (NANS), intervention strategy for schools in economically disadvantaged areas.



The Eastern Townships School Board is driven by its vision that:

We at the School Board are… passionate people who are moving forward together to make our School Board an ideal place to learn and the best place to work. Anywhere.”


To achieve this vision, the Eastern Townships School Board is working to:


  • A place of excellence, where students are at the centre of our activities, and where all students realize their full potential and are prepared for life: academically, physically, socially, emotionally and morally.

  • An inspiring place, where our staff is valued as individuals, makes a difference in the lives of our students and is ready to innovate and take risks to ensure student success.

  • A welcoming place where parents, community members and business partners have an important role to play in improving the learning environment of our students, providing concrete experiences and awareness opportunities to our students and is guided by its values of integrity, learning support and passion for excellence, collaboration, openness and innovation.

Commitment to Success Plan


Commissioners’ roles:

The members of the Council of Commissioners shall exercise their functions and powers with a view to improving the educational services provided by law and by the basic school regulations established by the Government. To this end, the role of the members of the Council of Commissioners includes:


  • To inform the Council of the needs and expectations of the population of its electoral district or sector, as part of their contribution to the definition of the directions and priorities of the School Board;

  • See to the relevance and quality of the educational services offered by the School Board;

  • Ensure that the human, physical and financial resources of the School Board are effectively and efficiently managed;

  • Carry out any mandate assigned to them by the Council of Commissioners, on the proposal of the President, with a view to providing information to the other members of the Council on any particular matter.