Summer School 2017

This year, tutoring sessions for the following courses will be available online, from July 10th to 21nd, 2017:

  • Math, Secondary 4, Cultural, Social and Technical Path (CST) and Science (SN) options
  • Science, Secondary 4 (Science or Applied Path)
  • History, Secondary 4
  • English Language Arts, Secondary 5
  • French Second Language, Secondary 5

A live teacher will be available online reviewing concepts that should be covered on the make-up exam. Students may interact with the teacher and ask questions in a small group setting. Recordings of each session will be made available to students upon request. The cost of these sessions is $100 for 10 sessions (2.5 hours per session) for ETSB students ($200 for all other students). A minimum of 10 students is required for tutorial sessions to take place.

Retake exams will also be available free of charge. These will be held at the school board office (see schedule below).

You may register for tutorials and/or exams online at the following web link:, or by contacting Eva Lettner @ 819-868-3100 ext 55110.

Deadline for registrations: July 8th, 2017

Summer Retake Exam Schedule (results of these exams will be mailed to students directly from the MEES on August 16th, 2017):


2017 summer school schedule