MOZAIK re-registration

You can access the online re-registration site by clicking on the MOZAIK logo





  • Be sure that you use the same email you provided to your child’s school to access MOZAIK and the re-registration website;

  • If you have more than one child to re-register be sure that you provided the same email for each child. If you provided a different email for a sibling, you will have to use that email to access that child’s re-registration.

  •  You must create your account, even if you used this service last year. Scroll down on the log in page for the link to create your account


account creation MOZAIK








  • When creating your account be sure that you have entered the verification code properly (best to copy and paste into the box)

  • Be sure you have entered your password correctly. If after 3 attempts your password is not working reset your password to avoid being locked out

  • If you will need daycare services and your elementary school offers daycare be sure to register for it at the same time as re-registering your child

  • If you are still having difficulties, please contact your child’s school

  •  If you choose not to re-register your child, please indicate the reason.


Video tutorial

User Account Creation