Complementary Services- Mandate


Complementary Educational Programs and Services
as Set Out in the New Basic School Regulation

 Program of support services:

  • designed to provide students with conditions that are conducive to learning

Program of assistance services:

  • designed to help students throughout their studies, with their academic and career choices and with any difficulties they encounter

Program of student life services:

  • designed to foster students’ autonomy and sense of responsibility, their moral and spiritual dimensions, their interpersonal relationships, as well as their feeling of belonging to the school and the community

Program of promotion and prevention services:

  • designed to provide students with an environment conducive to the development of a healthy lifestyle and of competencies that are beneficial to their health and well-being

    ETSB Nutrition Guidelines


  • Services designed to promote student participation in school life
  • Services designed to educate students about their rights and responsibilities
  • Sports, cultural and social activities
  • Services in spiritual care and guidance and community involvement
  • Support services for the use of the documentary resources of the school library
  • Academic and career counseling and information
  • Psychological services
  • Psychoeducational services
  • Special education services
  • Remedial education services
  • Speech therapy services
  • Health and social services

2. For further information on these services, see Québec, MINISTÈRE DE L’ÉDUCATION, Developing the Inner Life and Changing the World (Québec: Gouvernement du Québec, 2001)