COVID-19 March 23 – Message for Parents

March 23, 2020

Dear Parents,

As many of you may have already heard, the Premier, Mr. Legault, announced yesterday during his daily COVID-19 update, that all schools, centres and daycares will remain closed until       May 1st.

The details we have are as follows:

  • When and if students/ parents can recuperate belongings at school is under review
  • By March 30th the MEES will have a list of materials/activities to support parents with children at home. This work will not be mandatory, and more of a nature to keep students busy
  • All ministerial exams (ex. Secondary 4 & 5, Grade 6) are cancelled
  • Students will not be penalized due to the closure of school 
  • Student assessments for promotion and graduation will be based on the first 2 terms’ work and results if schools remain closed

School access:

At this time school and centre buildings are not accessible to students and parents. How and when access to schools/centres may be granted is yet to be worked out so that personal  belongings can be picked up.

Learning Activities:

As was clearly stated by the Minister on March 13th, the 2 week closure of schools was to be time off for students. In some cases your child’s teacher may have reached out to touch base and to share some learning activities they could do at home. Rest assured that any school work that may have been sent is not mandatory 

In the meantime the ETSB Pedagogical Services Team, has been working in collaboration with teachers and administrators, and has developed a website that provides parents and students with learning activities they can do if they so choose. Please go to the following link to access the site. As well you may access it from the parent menu on the ETSB website.

Mental Health

As we are all going through difficult and stressful times, there is a tab with mental health resources on the website that has been created by the Pedagogical Services Team. We have included resources we believe may help you support your children/teens through these stressful times. Some links may be useful to help you manage your own anxiety if needed.

COVID-19 when there is a  confirmed case:

As we have stated in the past we are working in close collaboration with the Direction de la Santé Publique (DSPu) when a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in one of our schools or centres.  In the event that a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in a school/centre, the DSPu will inform the school board first and then a plan is put in place in collaboration with the school principal/centre director. The DSPu will only contact the people who have been in direct contact with the person who is infected. The ETSB will communicate with parents and staff only if the DSPu determines that the person who is infected with COVID-19 was contagious and present in a school/centre before March13th. With the closing of all schools as of the end of the day Friday March 13th, the likelihood that someone was infected and contagious while schools were still open is diminishing. In the event that a case is confirmed, we will be in contact with individuals as prescribed by the DSPu directives.


As always we want to thank you for your cooperation, patience and understanding during this very difficult time.  We will do our best to keep you informed with timely and accurate information. We will continue to send emails to all parents, as well as post on our website under the COVID-19 page and breaking news on our Facebook page, to try and reach all parents as effectively as possible. We also invite you to visit the Quebec Government’s site on COVID-19, where you can access various topics including a Q & A section.


Please follow the recommendations from public health, and stay healthy and safe. Together we can make a difference and stay strong.



Michel Soucy,

ETSB Interim Director General