New Recess Periods

Dear Parents,

As you have probably heard in the news, the Minister of Education officially announced on June 12th , that effective July 1st 2019, all elementary schools in Quebec must now have a 20-minute recess in the morning and another in the afternoon. These two recesses must be between two instructional periods. The Eastern Townships School Board, must comply with this regulation.

With time constraints, a consultation on how to schedule these recesses into the school day was done at each school’s governing board with parents and staff.

This new regulation will have an impact on schools’ schedules, on daycares’ schedules and on school transportation times. Each school will inform parents  later in August about the changes that will impact their school.

For any questions concerning how this will impact the school schedule, please get in touch directly with your child’s school.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a happy summer break.

Eastern Townships School Board