Support Staff Day, September 28th

“Journée nationale du personnel de soutien scolaire”

September 28, 2017

The Eastern Townships School Board would like to recognize the Journée nationale du personnel de soutien scolaire and celebrate the hard work and dedication of Support Staff Personnel across the school board.

When we think of education and a school board, students and teachers first come to mind. Although we know that a school doesn’t run itself, do you realize how many different support staff personnel touch a student’s life each and every day? From the first step out the door and onto the bus to the last goodbye wave leaving daycare, our support staff play an essential and important hands-on and behind the scenes role in our students’ lives.

School Secretaries, school administrative support, computer technicians, cooks, kitchen helpers, daycare workers, noon-hour supervisors, lab technicians, maintenance staff, tool crib attendant, special education technicians, handicap student attendants, social aide technicians, bus drivers and head office support staff:

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